Supplements to help with postpartum anxiety

Here is what I’m currently taking to try to fend off the postpartum anxiety that has appeared within the past few days:

Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins –very high quality (read “expensive”) food-based vitamins that you take 3X a day with meals

Fish Oil capsules 3X day

Vitamin D3– 4,000 – 6,000 IU per day

extra calcium and magnesium.  The Rainbow Light vitamins have a total of 1,000 mg calcium and 500 mg magnesium.  I’m adding another 250-500 mg magnesium in the evening in addition to what is in the RL vitamins.  Back in 2011, I spoke with a Postpartum wellness counselor who recommended a very specific ratio of calcium and magnesium, which I’ve now forgotten.  She seemed to have a lot of expertise in nutrition, and I remember she said something about women having too much copper after giving birth, and the calcium-magnesium supplements help correct this imbalance.  If I continue to have trouble, I may contact her again.

1 cup of St. John’s Wort tea  (I actually purchased some standardized extract in capsules, but my midwife said they don’t recommend SJW, so I’m holding off on that)

Florajen 3 probiotic (this needs to be refrigerated)

…and of course, anticipating that I would need extra support, I had my placenta encapsulated, and I am taking those capsules every day

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