When Rachel comes home…

With a very matter-of-fact tone, Rowan informed me on February 20, 2018, that “When Rachel comes home, she can sit in that chair, right there!”  He was pointing to the chair that Daddy usually sits in at the dining room table.

Rachel holding Rowan in September 2015, when he was a baby

This made me cry a little bit.  I was crying because Rachel is one of the people I miss the most in Oklahoma, but also I am continually amazed by how very sweet and inclusive Rowan is.  It is natural and right for him to affirm that Rachel is part of our family, so of course this must be her home.

Rowan extends his love even further than our close friends and extended family.  Yesterday, he told Forest and me that he loves everyone in the world, and that everyone in the world is his friend.  I want to see the world as my

Rachel and Forest, Summer 2017

three-year old does.  I want to practice loving all of the people that I disagree with or that I see as doing harmful things to society or the earth.

Rachel is a dear friend and a beautiful spirit.  She is easy to love and impossible to forget, even when hundreds of miles separate us.

May I also learn to better accept and love the difficult, the irascible, the hateful, and the destructive.

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