Dreams from March 5, 2018

I am so excited that Forest told me about a lucid dream yesterday! He has been having a lot of flying dreams for the past few weeks, so I think this may have been building for him. He said he went into his bedroom and saw his babysitter, but he noticed that the “vending machine” that he has been designing in reality was not there. So he started to know that it was a dream.

He saw me “in the back bedroom sewing many colors into a sweater with a sewing machine that looks like a mixer.”  I don’t own a sewing machine, but he described something that sounds like my mom’s old Singer, which I loved. Then, when he went to the kitchen there was “something large that is not supposed to be there” (that he couldn’t describe). This let him know for sure that it was a dream.

Kali is in the cherry tree.

He started flying through the house and “flew out the window, flew all around the porch, and flew up over the front yard!”  This last bit was related with such enthusiasm, joy, and excitement that it still makes me happy just thinking of the light in his eyes and his animated gestures while telling me.  He said that he was trying to talk but couldn’t because he was busy flying. This is funny, because although he was speech delayed, once he started talking, he almost never stops talking while awake. So the flying must have been sufficiently engaging to keep my talkative boy quiet!  I feel grateful that he is experiencing a taste of spiritual freedom and joy in exploring consciousness and grateful that he is sharing his experiences with me.  My intent is to help guide and encourage him but not to lead or push because of my own deep interest in lucid dreaming and OBEs.

Sharing this story sparked a memory of a recent early morning conversation between Forest and Rowan. Rowan has been having lots of dreams about “dinosaurs” and “scary dinosaurs” lately. Rowan woke up and started talking about “scary dinosaurs take me.” Then, before I could say anything , Forest asked Rowan, “when you saw the dinosaurs, did you float up from your bed?” Forest has never talked about seeing dinosaurs and floating up from his bed before!!). Rowan answered, “No! Float DOWN from my bed! Dinosaurs eat me all up!” Okay, so now I’m wondering if both boys have been abducted by reptilians.  Even though my toddler is a little bit scared, he also seemed happy and excited when he talked about this. Forest also didn’t seem scared.

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