Milestones for Rowan

Yesterday, Rowan started “talking” again!  He had been doing cooing and pre-babbling around 2 months old up until  I returned to work when he was 3 months old.  He then stopped for a few months, maybe because he was working on using his hands and on crawling.  Out of the blue, he just started babbling again yesterday, and I had so much fun talking with him.

Also, Rowan started really showing significant interest in solid food yesterday.  He finished up his sweet potato-apple puree, and Daddy fed him some peach-mango.  I want to try offering rice cereal again tonight.  He hadn’t been a fan of that previously.

At 6 months old, he’s really been taking off crawling, and he’s pretty fast now.  He’s also showing some early interest in reaching and climbing.

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