“Like List”

Forest said that he wants to start a “liking list.” He started dictating a long record of everything he likes in a long, stream-of-consciousness list.

fig bars, gluten-free bars, Cliff bars, snacks, dairy milk, dairy cheese, bread, gum, broccoli, tempeh, carrots, tomatoes, squash, candy from my pumpkin, buffet foods, soup, burritos, cocoa, chocolate milk, corn chips, pepper, salt, peanuts, green peppers, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, sopapillas, soy milk (green, red, and blue flavors), computers, cash register (his calculator), bus, fork, music, heater, ceiling fan lights, pole light, scrap paper, printer paper, water, “all the juices I like,” grape juice mixed with apple juice mixed with cranberry juice mixed with strawberry juice, baby tummy timers, baby monitors, cats, “the white sound dog that has my voice that talked about heaters in my dream”

I’m very interested in the white dog that has Forest’s voice that talked about heaters in his dream.  I also note that there are no parents or other people on this list.  Oh well.

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