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Rowan’s First Birthday Party

We celebrated Rowan’s 1st birthday at the McLoud Public Library on Saturday,  February 6th. 

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Things Rowan Says

Rowan’s vocabulary has been growing.  At almost 12 months, he says Dada, Mama, cat, apple, door, down, and up.  He signs for “all finished ” sometimes,  and sometimes lets me know he wants to nurse by tapping one of my … Continue reading

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Random Pictures

We had a fun day today playing while Daddy went birding at Pontotoc Ridge. It was just warm enough today with sunshine to play outside a bit.  I think the temperature got up into the 50s. Mommy was craving Pho, … Continue reading

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Yoga Baby

Rowan is all tired out after Daddy’s birthday dinner at Maple Garden.

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Looking Back at Baby Names Lists for my youngest

I just re-found this list in my Ever Note files.  Thought it would be fun to share on the boys’ blog.  You can see that we went with the first name, “Rowan” because it was the one name that appeared … Continue reading

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Pulling up!

Rowan has been pulling up to standing for several days now.  He gets really excited when he pulls up, and he has been able to reach more things that we haven’t baby proofed yet.

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Milestones for Rowan

Yesterday, Rowan started “talking” again!  He had been doing cooing and pre-babbling around 2 months old up until  I returned to work when he was 3 months old.  He then stopped for a few months, maybe because he was working … Continue reading

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Sleepy Angels

Forest asked me to lie down with him when it was his bedtime.  But Rowan was fussing, so I said I could walk the baby around in his room while he fell asleep.  Forest countered, “well Mom, can you nurse … Continue reading

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Rowan is 5 Months Old Today; oh yeah, and happy Independence Day, too.

  At five months old, Rowan enjoys getting his toys with his hands, putting toys in his mouth, and scooting backwards or in a circle.  He likes watching his big brother’s antics, nursing with Mommy, and looking at things with … Continue reading

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2 Months Old!

Here are some pictures from early April when Rowan turned 2 months old:

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