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2 Months Old!

Here are some pictures from early April when Rowan turned 2 months old:

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Landmark day for both boys!

Today, Rowan drank 2 ounces of my milk from a bottle!  This is a giant relief to me since I go back to work on Monday.  He was reluctant to drink from a bottle previously, but Daddy worked his magic, … Continue reading

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Rowan’s Birth

        On a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, February 1st, I started early labor.  I felt so excited that Rowan was on his way, and I felt fairly ready.  I began breathing through contractions using the hypnobirthing method I … Continue reading

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Trip to Sulphur

This weekend, we went on our first trip as a family since Rowan’s birth.  The boys and I had a lovely Saturday wandering around the Chickasaw National Recreation Area while Daddy played in a chess tournament in Davis.  Forest likes … Continue reading

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Potty Learning

Forest started actively potty training in early April 2015, and it’s been a whirlwind of activity since then.  It started out very promising.  Forest’s occupational therapist, Sonja, recommended that we start with tangible rewards.  We opted for candy and a … Continue reading

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Supplements to help with postpartum anxiety

Here is what I’m currently taking to try to fend off the postpartum anxiety that has appeared within the past few days: Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins –very high quality (read “expensive”) food-based vitamins that you take 3X a day with … Continue reading

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Things Forest says

2/13/15:  “When I drink this juice, I breathe light into the house.”  (said with a beatific smile on his face after drinking grape juice cocktail) 2/14/15:  “I am going to make a flavorful cupcake!”  (working in his play kitchen) 3/3/15:  … Continue reading

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“Like List”

Forest said that he wants to start a “liking list.” He started dictating a long record of everything he likes in a long, stream-of-consciousness list. fig bars, gluten-free bars, Cliff bars, snacks, dairy milk, dairy cheese, bread, gum, broccoli, tempeh, … Continue reading

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